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Super Computing Power Takes Another Giant Step with MIMOS and Altair Engineering

Extending Grid R&D Collaboration

Kuala Lumpur, 5 February 2008– MIMOS Berhad, a strategic agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has extended its technological collaboration with Altair Engineering, global software and services provider, for another one year, to jointly develop and implement new Grid enabling activities and projects.

The extended research engagement between MIMOS and Altair Engineering is aimed at jointly developing a Utility Grid Technology Knowledge Centre of Excellence
which will focus on the development of utility grid computing solutions in support of Malaysia’s Knowledge-economy drive.

The Centre of Excellence, to be located at MIMOS, will develop niche solutions and evangelise grid computing strategies, solutions, and best practises for organisations, in ASEAN including Malaysia and the Middle East markets, intending to deploy commercial grade utility grid solutions.

"We are excited about extending our working relationship with Altair Engineering. It is partnerships like this that help MIMOS reach our goal of supporting the research community nationwide and ultimately assisting researchers and scientists address
some of the toughest, most urgent societal and technological challenges worldwide,” said MIMOS’ Senior Vice President, Technology Realisation and Operation, Abd Aziz Abd Kadir.

As a strategic agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation, MIMOS was mandated to spearhead the KnowledgeGRID Malaysia Initiative under
the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP). MIMOS is committed to ensuring the grid will be the next Knowledge infrastructure for the nation – one that maximizes high performance computing resources to accelerate research and industrial development for national wealth and value creation.

A MIMOS initiative, KnowledgeGRID Malaysia is designed to accelerate Malaysia’s advancement in biotechnology, forecasting of natural disasters and animation content initiatives at significantly lower costs and increase Malaysia’s global competitiveness in line with the Government’s innovation-based economic model.

KnowledgeGRID Malaysia is currently in Phase Two of development which involves enhancing further the Knowledge Grid infrastructure and increasing research
collaborations with local and foreign research institutions, and local industries.

Phase One, which was completed end of last year (2007), focused on the development of grid framework based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) consisting middleware, grid applications and security as well as establishing research collaborations with local universities; while Phase Three will involve rolling out the KnowledgeGRID Malaysia nationwide.

“MIMOS is well recognised in various worldwide forums of Grid Technology and it is for this reason that Altair Engineering was keen to further scale up and strengthen our collaborative research engagement,” said Martin Nichols, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Altair Engineering.

The MoU signed earlier in December 2006 between Altair Engineering and MIMOS has resulted in the development of highly market and scalable Grid technology portal
solutions including:

 - The installation of PBS Professional – a workload manager for creating Grid computing infrastructure;
 The installation of E-Compute – a Web based portal for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) domain;
 - The installation of e-Render (previously known as RenderPro) – a Web based portal for Digital Content Creation (DCC) domain
 - The joint development of e-BioChem – a jointly developed Web-based portal for bio-informatics domain

From left: MIMOS Grid Computing Lab Senior Director Ng Kwai Ming, MIMOS Software Development and Central Engineering Vice President Thillai Raj T. Ramanathan, MIMOS Senior Vice President for Technology Realisation and Operations Abd Aziz Abd Kadir, Altair Engineering Vice President, Asia-Pacific Nelson Diaz and Altair Engineering Vice President, Worldwide Sales Martin Nichols.

From left: MIMOS Software Development and Central Engineering Vice President Thillai Raj T. Ramanathan and Altair Engineering Vice President, Asia-Pacific Nelson Diaz signing the Mou document, witnessed by MIMOS Senior Vice President for Technology Realisation and Operations Abd Aziz Abd Kadir.

MIMOS pursues exploratory and industry-driven applied research through multi-stakeholder
smart partnerships with universities, research institutes, Government and industries with a
focus on frontier technologies. MIMOS’ applied research areas, based on real-world trends,
are cyberspace security, encryption systems, grid computing, communication technologies,
MEMS/NEMS, advanced informatics, knowledge technology and micro energy.
MIMOS is the recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Excellence Award 2007 for Industry
Innovation & Advancement (Precision Agriculture) for its application and development of
Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) in the field of precision agriculture.

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